J-neric Framework

Generic and Agnostic Javascript Framework

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J-neric is a component-ish ready framework for easy dom manipulation, vanilla based and fully compatible with most of the available frameworks out there.

How to Use

<script src="path/to/j-neric.js"></script>


<script src="path/to/jnrc.min.js"></script>

All functions are under the object _

Missing Functions

There are some useful functions that are needed for most projects that are not available just out of the box using vanilla js:

if (!_.exists(id)) {
    let id = _.unqId();
let queryParams = _.urlParams();
if (_.isset(queryParams.id)) {
    console.log('id is set by user');
    id = queryParams.id;
} else {
    console.log('id is set by system');

Http API Helper

curl, or ajax if you want, made easy and ready to use (it uses promise so it's async and can be handled as any other promise)

_.curl('https://www.myproject.dev/endpoint', {method: 'GET'}, {user: 9345})
    .then( response => console.log(response));

Cookies Helper

_cookie.put('myCookie', 'store this value locally please');
/* output: store this value locally please */

DOM Manipulation

Shorthand for document methods, attributes and functions


_.dom('create_tag', true);

/* Document ready */
_.ready(() => {
    /* Do something */


let get_value_from_element = element._val();

    ._on('event', () => {/* Do something */})
    ._val('set value for element')
    ._html('set inner html')
    ._text('set text content')
    ._attr('data-id', 'some_id')

if (another_element._hasClass('this_className')) {
    let previous_element = another_element._prev();
    let next_element = another_element._next();
    let parent_element = another_element._parent();
    let found_element_inside = another_element._find('#specific_id');


To get this:

<div id="myAwesomeComponent">
    <p class="myColorClass">Content</p>

Do this:

let node1 = _.div({id: 'myAwesomeComponent'}, [
    _.h1(null, 'Title'),
    _.p({class: 'myColorClass'}, 'Content')

Update the node by reactivity:

const someState = _.reactive({
    title: 'Title',
    content: 'Content',
    color: 'myColorClass'

_.stateWatcher(() => {
    let node2 = _.div({id: 'myAwesomeComponent'}, [
        _.h1(null, someState.title),
        _.p({class: someState.color}, someState.content)

setTimeout(() => {someState.title = 'New Title'}, 1000);
setTimeout(() => {someState.content = 'New Content'}, 2000);
setTimeout(() => {someState.color = 'anotherColorClass'}, 3000);